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Other Fun Stuff 

Hi I'm Laurel Arismendi and I really love to make Tie Dyes with Bright Colors and Good Vibes.

    My shirts and other fun stuff are all hand dyed by me with 100% cotton. I use fiber reactive dye from Dharma Trading co. and it is the only dye color that I will ever use. My color comes in powder form and I mix all of my colors by hand.        

     I have shirts for babies, kids and adults in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. All of my Tie Dye products have been pre washed and pre shrunk. You will find Care information for your Tie Dye in the sizing section and posted on every listing. 

       Now a little about me, My name is Laurel Arismendi and I live in the Sunny Southern California Desert with my amazing husband and three awesome sons. I have been crafting and creating fun stuff ever since I can remember.                      

     Knicknack Gifts is a small Craft and Gift Business that I started in 2014 to sell my handmade fun stuff at local craft fairs. I really like to make very brightly colored items and especially colorful Tie Dyes. Knicknack Gifts eventually evolved into my Good Vibes Tie Dye business.

     I strive to make everything that I do the best and as bright and inviting as I can possibly make it, with Good Vibes and lots of love. I hope that you enjoy my webstore shop and find something groovy that you like. Thank you for your interest in my Tie Dye art and for your support in my small business. Peace out!